Escape the Plot Forest Virtual Summit

Escape the Plot Forest Virtual Summit

I just spent five days attending the Escape the Plot Forest Virtual Summit, a writers’ conference organised by Daniel David Wallace, ex-pat writer, editor and teacher of creative writing based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Promoted as a complete guide to the plotting process, “first step to first reader” approach to telling stories, by common agreement of…

How long is a pragraph?

How long is a paragraph?

Today’s readers spend so much time looking at screens, a dense wall of text with little or no white space sends them running. Online and digital devices mean short paragraphs are the new standard. So how long is a paragraph?

Kindle Create and Preview

Working with Kindle Create

Amazon’s MOBI format for Kindle is strictly proscribed and validated whenever a file is uploaded to Amazon. Working with Kindle Create software should be the best route to a valid e-book file. But unless your book is the simplest, text-only layout, Kindle Create is a struggle.