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Writer; performer; project manager; sports coach; all-round eccentric.

The Voiceover Arteeste

What I think people are missing is the vital role of the voice arteeste. Because if you think about it, all True Art Is Incomprehensible. I don’t like to sound as if I’m speaking in capital letters, but… I get … Continue reading

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Bleak Outlook for Screenwriting – Robert McKee on World Update

BBC World Service – World Update, 02/01/2012 Robert McKee is the author of Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting. McKee has in his list of students 35 Oscar winners, acknowledgements from other screen-writing greats such as Goldman … Continue reading

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Review: Anonymous

Roland Emmerich (yes, that Roland Emmerich) combines every Shakespearean conspiracy theory into this movie which posits that ‘William Shakespeare’ was the pen-name of one Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford and that Wil Shakespeare of the Rose, Swan and Globe … Continue reading

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Creative Writing Workshops – Lymington

A series of Creative Writing Workshops with writer, blogger & journalist Robin Catling will be taking place in Lymington, Hampshire UK, in November. •  Creative Well-Spring Writing Workshop •  Short Story Writing Workshop •  Writing Your Life Story Workshop

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Tips from a Screenwriter

TV and movie screen-writer Jeremy Brock  (co-creator of BBC’s Casualty, writer of Last King of Scotland, Mrs Brown and Brideshead Revisited) could be heard on BBC World Service Radio this morning (Sat 24th Sept, 2011) to talk about screen adaptations. … Continue reading

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Not Out

Frankly its a humiliation when you’re a good middle-order batsman pushed down the order behind the bowlers and the keeper. That’s where I found myself for that one-day game. The recurring knee injury that would eventually put me out of … Continue reading

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Two grandfathers. One tall, straight, cheerful. Always sunny. One, short, slumped, slightly mournful, slightly sad. They had both been through the War. The tall one pulled his comrades out of the water when the landing craft beached at Normandy, dragged … Continue reading

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