The Voiceover Arteeste

What I think people are missing is the vital role of the voice arteeste. Because if you think about it, all True Art Is Incomprehensible. I don’t like to sound as if I’m speaking in capital letters, but…

I get called lots of things: voice talent, voice over talent, voice-over-talent with hyphens, voice actor, voice over actor, voice artist, but I prefer voice artiste.

Well, it’s better than “that pretentious b**** in the corner.”

I don’t think it can be understated that, really, the podcast is about me. I mean, how else is anyone going to know about the magazine and the feedback and the contact points unless I provide that information? The boys are terribly sweet and everything. A bit dim actually, but they mean well. And they have promised me my own show sometime in the next season.

I think reading aloud is a very under-rated talent. Some of the best voices in entertainment make a very good living out of it. Orson Wells, Sean Bean, Ronnie Corbett. And I’m much taller than him.

No, the Full Circle gig isn’t the best payday I’ve ever had. At all. In fact, we still haven’t ironed out the final contract with my agent.

It’s not as if it’s my main job. If I’m honest, I’m only using this to promote my new Fantasy Novel, “Darkness Invisible.” It’s out as an e-book later in the year on the flying Carpet imprint…

[The Voice Arteeste is a comic monologue originally performed on Full Circle Podcast Episode 28, Jan 18, 2012

About Robin Catling

Writer; performer; project manager; sports coach; all-round eccentric.
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