BBC9: In the Closet

“You’re listening to BBC Radio 9, Night-time and we’re in the Closet. Thats the musical special-interest closet for all you fans of indie hardcore, grunge, guitar, mixed core, fruit-and-nut, hub-cap and community disco; be it on download, CD, vinyl, 78, 45, 33 and a third, 38-26-34, Arsenal-Brentford one-nil, 911-assist or the vuvuzela.

I’m Bob Bobley, welcome to the show. Glad you could join us for a pint of cider and some of the most specialist music around.

You just heard the grunge guitar sound of Vlad the Imperfect with their new single, I Spit on Your Carpet. Now, we go over the BBCs Maida Vale Studios where we have a live session with North Somerset indie sensations, Daniel and the Space Beavers…”

About Robin Catling

Writer; performer; project manager; sports coach; all-round eccentric.
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