Fantasy tropes we love and hate

Fantasy Genre Tropes We Love and Hate

I’ve been challenged to write an epic fantasy genre story, so I’m reading a lot of current fantasy fiction. It varies from ‘meh’ to ‘aarrrgghh!’ not only for the quality of the writing, but the vast number of fantasy genre tropes we love and hate. A trope is any type of figure of speech, theme,…

Escape the Plot Forest Virtual Summit

Escape the Plot Forest Virtual Summit

I just spent five days attending the Escape the Plot Forest Virtual Summit, a writers’ conference organised by Daniel David Wallace, ex-pat writer, editor and teacher of creative writing based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Promoted as a complete guide to the plotting process, “first step to first reader” approach to telling stories, by common agreement of…

How long is a pragraph?

How long is a paragraph?

Today’s readers spend so much time looking at screens, a dense wall of text with little or no white space sends them running. Online and digital devices mean short paragraphs are the new standard. So how long is a paragraph?

Kindle Create and Preview

Working with Kindle Create

Amazon’s MOBI format for Kindle is strictly proscribed and validated whenever a file is uploaded to Amazon. Working with Kindle Create software should be the best route to a valid e-book file. But unless your book is the simplest, text-only layout, Kindle Create is a struggle.